Rhubarb and Cherry Pie

Rhubarb and Cherry Pie

Pit the cherries, slice some in half, and cut the rhubarb into ½" pieces. Combine in a bowl.

Whisk together the sugar and cornstarch. This will prevent any cornstarch lumps in the filling.

Add the sugar and cornstarch mixture, and vanilla and mix to coat completely. Set aside.

Roll out one disc of pie dough between ⅛-1/4" thick, and so it's at least 2 inches wider than the pie dish.

Add the crust to the pie dish and press gently into the bottom and sides, leaving an overhang.

Roll out the second crust to ⅛" thick, then cut into lattice strips (these were 1").

Mix the filling again, then add to the bottom crust. Egg wash the sides to help the lattice stick.

Add the lattice strips to the top of the pie, and gently push down on the edges.

Use kitchen shears to cut the excess pastry right to the edge of the pie dish.

Fold any excess pastry under itself, then press around the edges to fully seal.

Refrigerate the pie while the oven preheats, then add egg wash to cover the lattice strips.

Sprinkle on coarse sugar and sliced almonds, then bake until golden brown and the juices are bubbling through.