Reuben Hand Pies

Reuben Hand Pies

Roll out both sheets of puff pastry to make it slightly thinner. Make one sheet about 1" larger than the other sheet (this will be the top).

Cut each sheet of puff pastry into six rectangles using a knife or pizza cutter.

Add a half slice of Swiss cheese to the center of each pastry rectangle.

Add 3-4 slices of corned beef.

Add the sauerkraut (that has been squeezed to remove all liquid).

Add another half of Swiss cheese, then brush egg wash all around the edge of the pastry.

Gently stretch the puff pastry with your hands so it fully covers the filling, then press all around the edges to seal it.

Use a fork to crimp the edges to be sure no filling escapes.

Brush additional egg wash on top of each pastry.

Sprinkle caraway seeds over the top, then pierce two small holes into the top to allow steam to escape, then bake until deeply golden.