Pecan Pie Upside Down Cake

Pecan Pie Upside Down Cake

Melt the butter, brown sugar, and corn syrup, then stir in the vanilla, salt and pecans and mix.

Add the pecan syrup to a greased cake pan and gently spread it out evenly.

Cream together the butter and sugars until combined.

Add the egg and vanilla and beat until fluffy.

Alternate adding the milk and flour. It will look slightly curdled until the last of the flour goes in.

Mix until just combined, then scrape down the sides and mix in an extra flour by hand.

Gently add spoonfuls of the cake batter on top of the pecans in an even layer.

Use an offset spatula or rubber spatula to gently spread the cake batter evenly over top, getting the whole way to the edges.

Bake the cake until a cake tester comes out clean.

Immediately flip the cake (use pot holders or a tea towel) onto a platter or cake stand. Tap the top all over, then gently pull straight up.