Fluffy Bread Bites with Parmesan

Fluffy Bread Bites with Parmesan

Activate the yeast, then mix all ingredients with a  dough hook until a smooth dough forms and mostly pulls away from the sides. Cover and allow to rise.

Form the dough into a rectangle using your hands. This helps with easiest cutting.

Use a bench scraper or pizza cutter to cut the dough into 1-inch pieces.

Pinch the edges downwards from all edges so it forms a small ball.

Gently roll it in a clockwise motion on the counter (keeping the seam on the bottom) to seal and round. Repeat with the remaining dough.

Add the dough balls (seam side down) to a baking vessel so they are just touching, leaving some spaces. Cover with a dish towel or plastic and allow them to get slightly puffier until almost touching.

Drizzle the dough pieces all over with the melted butter and garlic, then add flaky salt.

Top with half of the parmesan cheese and bake. At the halfway mark, add the additional parmesan and bake until golden brown, then top with freshly chopped herbs.